World class 'state of the art manufacturing unit' has been established at Excise Free Zone Rudrapur in Uttarakhand with full compliance to WHO - GMP standard and Schedule 'M' compliance under WHO guideline with installed capacity in:
  > Non-Beta lactum tablets - 20 lacs per day
  > Beta-lactum tablets - 2 lacs per day
  > Non - Beta-lactum caps - 2 lacs per day
  > Beta-lactum caps - 2 lacs per day
  > Beta-lactum dry syrup - 10000 bottles per day
  > Liquid oral - 20000 bottles per day
  > Ointments - 20000 tubes per day
  > Dry injections - 20000 vials per day

The capacity of machines also takes care of contract manufacturing for our valued customers.
The construction of the building ensures the protection from contamination , permits efficient cleaning , avoids accumulatic birds, rodents etc
Flooring, walls, ceilings, light fixtures, doors & windows, Drainage etc is perfectly planned to avoid dust, facilitate cleaning and thus avoid contamination.



We are dedicated to creating new formulations and work on predefined or pre-contracted formulations, a process we style 'speed-to-market'. Nutraceutical dosage forms comes in tablet, hard gelatin capsule, powder in tin or packet and oral liquid.

As a knowledge-based manufacturer, we provide comprehensive medical rationale and technical backing behind manufacture.

Phospholipids: In keeping with groups continuous efforts to innovate, the R & D section has developed the process technology for manufacture of pure Phospholipids and enriched Phosphotidylcholine.

Choline is a key component of Lecithin, chemically known as phosphotidylcholine, a member of fatty substances known as Phospholipids.

The conference sponsored by "AMERICAN OIL CHEMIST SOCIETY" focused on the role of Choline and other phospholipids in brain development and memory, decreasing the risk of heart disease and cancer and cell functioning.

Countries like USA, UK, Germany, France and Australia have recognized the benefits of Phospholipids as versatile source of health promoting neutraceuticals. For eg. Phosphotidyl choline offers pure, more nutritious and less expensive source of potent fat emulsifier . Phosphotidyl choline is also high in polyunsaturated fats which reduce blood cholesterol. There is a tremendous window of opportunity for Phosphotidylcholine and proven health promoting agents that also reduces the risk of a number of chronic diseases like

a. reduces cardiovascular disease risk
b. guards the liver
c. provides nutritional support for brain function.


Reborn Life Science (India) Private Limited. is an Organisation with the philosophy to be different from conventional pharmaceutical culture. This difference reflects in the name itself. 'Reborn India' is the fierce determination we carry to help overcome disease and bounce back to good health. 'Cosmeceuticals' is a word that represents the need to treat not only the disease aspect but also to restore the cosmetic appearance of an individual. Our motto asserts the symbiotic relation between the Pharma and Medical faculties which are partners in ensuring the well-being and prosperity of the mankind. As a team, we are focused on Dermatology, Gynaecology, Orthopaedic & Physician specialities. However, as the word 'Cosmeceuticals' suggests, we have a unique range for Derma. It is a known fact that the global warming and rampant pollution has given rise to skin problems which would multiply manifold in time to come. The major challenge of the Dermatologists will be to offer tailor-made solutions to these problems. Anticipating their need for the time, 'Taurus' has focused on Dermatology.


It is our endeavor to deliver products of highest quality standards and ensure that aspects of GMP are followed at every stage to get the intended quality. The company has formed its Quality Policy which lays out minimum criteria to meet highest level of Quality Objective.

Written down procedures - SOPs are laid out for every activity that is carried out in the premises in order to maintain Quality systems. These procedures cover activities such as Stores, Production, Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Maintenance. All personnel are well trained in all aspects of WHO cGMP and in areas relevant to their activities.

The company is fully equipped with latest instruments in its Quality Control Laboratories consisting of separate Chemical, Instrumentation, Microbiology and Sterility, IPQC laboratories.

Specifications and test methods are laid down for all raw materials, packing material, inprocess materials and finished products and all testing are done as per laid down specifications.

The company has prepared and follows a Master Validation Plan which includes validation of Equipment Qualification, Validation of Water System, Process Validation, Analytical Method Validation, Cleaning Validation and Air Handling System Validation.

Quality Assurance system is in order to ensure the product retains Quality Characteristics till the prescribed shelf life. In-house Accelerated and Real time Stability studies are regularly carried out in accordance to ICH guidelines.

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