IAB was founded in 1954 is a India-style trading company of Groundnut , Till, Spices and Grain. For over 60 years , Raja Cotton Industries established in 1992 ,The company has been continuing to grow and develop while leading the Cotton and Agri-food industry. The company has 5 Manufacturing Plant throughout the countries of India. Gujarat Agro Food Processing Park ( GAFPP) Officially established in 2010, is a MOU based Company with the Government of Gujarat , GAFPP have the target to Reclaim 1000 ha of waste land in 2015 ( tree plantation project) in Gujarat and Maharashtra region .

R&D :

R&D has working on the improvement of plantation productivity through the improvement of viticulture techniques and breeding. R&D set up various trials such as fertilizer trial, spacing trial, species/provenance/clone trials to get enough information to attain the target. Breeding work includes introduction of various type of breeding materials, conduct plus tree selection, grafting and crossing to get improved seeds for future plus tree selection.

Nurseries :

GAFPP has tie up two nurseries with a production capacity of 5 million seedlings per year, all of seedlings production purpose for GAFPP concession planting, Farmer 2+3 plantations and for sale by order from customer.

Farmers Extension :

GAFPP also set up Framer Extension Plantations Scheme under the long term concept of ''2+3 system'': 2 is Land+ Labor (villager), 3 is Finance + Technique + Market (GAFPP). This is aiming for highly productive farmer plantations generating additional incomes to the local population.

Logistics :

Logistics is defined as a business planning framework for the management of material, service, information and capital flows. It includes the increasingly complex information, communication and control systems required in today's business environment.


GAFPP has Food Park project : of 150.00 Cr. at Damnagar, near by Amreli District, The proposed project envisions setting up of Food Parks at three important crop pockets in Gujarat. This will be in line with crop specific cluster development for agriculture and horticulture crops cultivated in Gujarat.

Concept :

Food Park is a dedicated cluster of large, medium and small scale food processing units. It will be facilitated with common basic and modern infrastructure such as, internal roads, cold storage units,food laboratory, effluent treatment plant, warehouses (incubators), electronic weigh bridge units, information and communication center, guest houses, cafeteria, recreational zones alongwith common security arrangements. Moreover, in these food parks, ancillary units like packaging, printing, transportation agencies, carrying and forwarding agencies etc., will be located to support the common activities of the food processing units.

Growth Drivers :

Gujarat is one of the leading states in terms of agriculture and horticulture production in India. There is need for crop specific processing capacities in Gujarat, to have value added processing advantage. This could be possible by creating a cluster of food processing units in the form of crop specific food parks. Gujarat Government is proactive in this aspect and hence these food parks have been suggested.

Gujarat is poised for second agriculture revolution with the availability of Narmada Canal Irrigation facility to 18 Lac hectare area. This will boost the agriculture and horticulture production as mainly the rain fed areas of North, Central Gujarat and Saurashtra region are facilitated with the undertaken project in the State. Increase in intensive agriculture/horticulture activities will give much higher returns to farmers. This will be possible with the creation of value added processing facilities in the form of proposed food parks at suggested locations.

The GAFPP development at the proposed food park will be primarily based on the basic infrastructure (Water, power, drainage, internal roads and linkage with state / national highways) and transportation facilities available at park, as well as other locational advantages offered for locating a unit in a particular place, which will also include the package of incentives offered by state / central government authorities for attracting investments in such Commodity Specific Cluster development.

GAFPP : Infrastructure and Facility


  • Organic and inorganic:
    Special skill awareness programme will be organized by specialist for organic / inorganic farming and processing of Fruits , Vegetables , Flowers , Grains, Spices, Ground nut, Till and Cotton crops and land revaluation.
  • Fertilizers and Pesticides:
    Traders and agencies are available in Shopping complex with Samples of Fertilizers and Pesticides as per required crops and season . Information center will be provide for urgent solution of the crops .
  • Deep Irrigation Systems:
    With quality and affordable price manufacture and supplier of deep irrigation systems will be available in park for the best effective result of water supply.
  • Harvesting and Utility Vehicles:
    Good harvesting is important for the crops and its quality / quantity and timely delivery to market. Here required best harvesting with minimum coast without wastage of materials with help of various types of vehicle and machinery.


  • Herbal Extract Plant:
    - Turmeric, Curcumin 95 % is a standardized extract of curcuminoid complex extracted from the Indian Spice turmeric. - Tomato Oleoresin with Lycopene is a red carotenoid pigment found in high concentration in tomatoes. - Marigold Oleoresin with Lutein is a carotenoid found in vegetables, fruits and marigold flowers. - Calcium Sennosides are hydroxyanthracene glycoside derived from senna leaves. They have been used a natural, Safe time-tested laxatives in traditional as well as modern systems of medicine. - Withania somnifera extract, the root portion of the plant has been used for medicinal purpose and contains the active constituent withanolides. This bioactive constituent’s withanolides account to multiple medical applications of ashwagandha.
  • Agro Waste Items Manufacturing Units:
    - Particle boards from Cotton stalks: Particle boards are timber substitute which find wide applications in buildings, furniture and automobiles industries. Agro waste Ligno Cellulosic materials are most promising base for production of particle boards. Cotton is one of the major commercial crops grown in Gujarat/Saurashtra. - Paper and Boards: These Cotton stalks are partially used as a fuel by farmers rest is burn in the fields. The chemical composition of cotton stalks makes it ideal materials for the production of paper and boards.
  • Ginning and Pressing for the organic and un organic Cotton
  • Grading and grinding units for the Spices Ground nut and Till
  • IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) Facility for the Fruits and vegetables
  • Oil mills and Solvent Plant


Bulk and Consumer packing manufacturing unit of The Jute and Woven sacks Bags. Manufacturing of plastic bags and corrugated boxes. Manufacturing of Plastic Crates for the fruit and vegetables handling and transportation.


  • Grading and grinding units for the Spices Ground nut and Till
    Various type of items and its required temperature storage facility.
  • Godown and warehouse:
    fumigated godowns and warehouses facility of the seasonal crops.
  • Loading and unloading utility vehicles:
    Various type of loading and Unloading vehicle and machinery are available for the corps and farming
  • Cold storage:


  • Container yard: Easy available for the exporters required dry and Refer containers.
  • Transporters and Trucks: Easy available for the state wise transporters and agencies of goods movement.


  • Clearing and forwarding agencies will be available in the park.
  • Shipping companies will be given good facilities for the export>
  • Insurance companies are easy available for the crops and stocks materials.
  • International banking facility will be available in the park.
  • Lockers and ATM booth will be available in the park
  • All type of crops and materials sample testing labs.
  • International and domestic courier’s services will be available in the park.


  • Hotels and restaurant: 3 star hotels and restaurant offering different type of food varieties for international buyers.
  • Internet and wi-fi area: internet with wi-fi facility available for the connecting of markets information .
  • Shopping complex: All type of shops will be available in the park for the various types of Pesticides and fertilizers, Seeds, Fabrics, Farming products, Pipes and machinery tools.
  • Exhibition and buyers meet: Exhibition based on crops, utility vehicles, machines, water supply systems and buyers get to gather meets.
  • Farmer awareness Program To make farmers awareness programs about land reforms, Water supply for the crop grown and contract farming benefits.
  • Advertisement and publicity : Value of crops and quality grown farmers will be benefit from advertise and publicity from the domestics and international market by websites, e-mail services, e-marketing, magazines and news papers , road hoardings.

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